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A bit about me . . .
I live in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. It's a beautiful city--rated as the second-best city in the world (we were #1 until Zurich nudged us out!) My home is approximately 3 blocks from the waterfront, and within the city have about 8 different beaches to choose from, including the massive nude Wreck Beach. Summers are warm and sunny most of the time. In winter we rarely hit the freezing mark, and snow shows itself about three days a year. Unfortunately it's gray and rather rainy December through February so I leave in the winter.
I enjoy a variety of forms of work. You can check out the web site I have for some of the many things I do:
Male Kneads Vancouver's premier sensual masseur.
Hot Sweat Personal training with an erotic twist.
Stripped Clean Quite possibly the world's most
    media-discussed house cleaner.

Tiny Web Host Quality web hosting. Tiny prices.
Big service.
XXXPerform Amateur porn production.
About nudity . . .
I'm mystified that some geographic locations will try to label people as 'sex offenders' for simple public nudity. Just because somebody happens to be naked does not mean there is anything sexual involved. I believe a lot of rapes and other sex offences are at least partially due to the puritanical constrictions that have restricted people from being open about the human body. The same applies for the severe phobias people have about their own physical flaws: being comfortable with your own body is difficult without being comfortable in others seeing your body. And the more bodies a person sees the more ordinary it becomes.
Much of what I do is in pursuit of greater body acceptance.

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